Taiwan Generations Corporation (TGC) is a pure-play offshore wind project development company

Through our real experiences involving the commercialization of 4 offshore wind farms (Fuhai, CI Xidao, CI Changfang and CI Fufang), we serve as a professional and versatile developer as well as consultancy to provide solutions in both substantive and procedural decision-making.

Taiwan Generations Corporation (TGC) is a pure-play energy project development company, one of the very few in Taiwan. The scope of our service includes business planning, site selection, feasibility study, economic analysis, execution framework for construction, operation and maintenance, project financing and insurance policy strategies.

Core Value

We strive to live out the value of practicality, diligence, compassion, integrity and professionalism. With these core values we aim to develop sustainable energy supply for Taiwan, to harness the unceasing wind that Nature bestows upon Taiwan Strait, and to transform the wind offshore into usable electricity for the land we belong, for our beloved Formosa Taiwan.

Company Policies

Quality Policy

We aim to combine international expertise and local talents to mitigate the cost while increasing production availability of offshore wind farm operation and maintenance. We also continue investing in market research, technical advancement, and integrating international health and safety management experience to minize the risk of operation. Through our ISO 9001 system, we strive to provide high quality serivces to ensure customer satisfaction.

Information Security Policy

We follow ISO 27001:2013 standards to establish, maintain, monitor and improve our Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our core management goals of ISMS are as follow: Ensure information safety and service quality through continual cyber security training; Establish cyber emergency response planning to mitigate potential damange and restore continual operation.

  • 2017Potential Zones Development

    Potential Zones Development

    TGC and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) are jointly developing over 1.5 GW of offshore wind farm projects in Taiwan, the Xidao, Changfang and Fufang projects. Our subsidiary, Taiwan Offshore Windfarm Services Corporation (TOWSC), also has a "Right to Match" for the O&M services provision to the 3 projects.
    We aim to create greater value of offshore wind energy through growing local supply chain and generating efficient green energy.

  • 2016Financial Close

    Assured by Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund of Taiwan and state owned bank

    Fuhai offshore wind farm recieved credit guarantee from Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund on November 2016. Based on the feasibility analysis of credit guarantee, financial assessment and risk assessment, the Fund provided direct guarantee for 220 million NTD, and assisted the process to obtained project finance from Taiwan Cooperative Bank. This experience also provides references for further set up of green energy Credit Guarantee Fund. This was likewise the first project finance delivered by Taiwanese state owned bank, which has considerable referential importance for state owned banks when facing larger scaled offshore wind farm project finance for international developers.

  • 2015Met Mast

    Taiwan’s First Offshore Met Mast

    Fuhai offshore wind farm completed the establishment of Taiwan’s first offshore met mast in July 2015. The design, manufacturing and installation works were entirely contracted to domestic contractors, which helped contractors to accumulate skills and experiences for offshore wind farm related works. The goal was to encourage domestic contractors to collaborate with foreign developers and eventually obtain localized engineering work for the potential offshore wind site period. Wind measurement work has started in 2004 in Changhua Hanbao wet land area. Since the finalization of the met mast, more comprehensive wind measurement and metocean measurement were conducted and collected. Overall, wind data collection has been done consistently for over 14 years. The data has been assessed and assured by third party consultant, and related information is used for financial feasibility assessment for banks and the base for localization contracting work for design, manufacturing and installation.

  • 2013Fuhai Demo Project

    Fuhai Project Awarded the "Grant Scheme"

    TGC's Fuhai Wind Farm was awarded the best-awardee under the Government Grant Scheme in 2013. In addition, Fuhai was not only the first offshore wind project to obtain the EIA approval (2 WTGs) but also the first developer to successfully build up the offshore Met Mast in 2015. By far Fuhai acquired over 10 years of valuable wind data.
    Currently we are closely working with both local and international renowned and experienced experts, and aim to bring in know-how from Europe and to devote ourselves to localization and creating the best-practice for offshore wind farms in Taiwan.

  • 2004Entering Offshore Wind Sector

    Offshore Wind Projects Development

    On retrospect, from our inception, TGC collaborated with international energy groups and power companies from UK and Japan to assess the domestic Independent Power Producers (IPPs) opportunity as their local consultant. The scope of our services included business planning, site selection, feasibility study, economic analysis and execution framework for construction, operation and maintenance, project financing and insurance policy strategies. Throughout the span of our initial consultancy services, we have strengthened our capability and sharpened our expertise in energy business development. Combined with the mission of providing clean energy to the society, TGC entered into the offshore wind sector in 2004, which focuses solely on developing offshore wind farm projects along the west coast of Taiwan.

  • 1998Founded

    TGC Founded

    Founded in 1998, Taiwan Generations Corporation (TGC) is a pure-play energy project development company, which is one of very few in Taiwan market. Started out as a consultancy company, TGC collaborated with international energy groups to provide consultancy services on power plant project development in Taiwan. With extensive experience accumulated in energy development, we transformed ourselves from a consultancy service provider to an energy project developer.