TOWSC and OUTSMART join forces to deliver localized offshore wind power plant management to realize efficiency gains in Taiwanese offshore wind

Independent offshore wind specialist in the Taiwanese market, TOWSC (Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm Services Corp.) and wind power plant management specialist OutSmart join forces to provide an integrated power plant organization, with local presence in Taiwan, a proven management system and digital platform.

In alignment with Taiwan Government’s overarching policies to localize offshore wind technologies and supply chain, TOWSC was established to provide localized offshore wind power plant management skills and assets to the Taiwan industry. TOWSC is currently providing operations and maintenance (O&M) planning and development services to wind farm projects in Taiwan including asset management services for the very first Taiwan offshore met mast, Fuhai Met Mast.

OutSmart provides services to wind farm owners, fund managers, and wind project companies in Northwestern Europe to optimize the revenues of their wind assets. Part of independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik AG, OutSmart currently operates 400+ onshore and offshore wind turbines as well as solar assets (1.8 GW in total) in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

TOWSC has collaborated with OutSmart to establish a state-of-the-art fully integrated power plant management system for offshore wind assets. By combining OutSmart’s vast experience as an independent service provider in the European wind industry and the development expertise and local content of TOWSC, the parties have established a strategic asset management plan (SAMP) according to ISO 55001 for the Taiwanese Market, started the training exchange program in OutSmart’s Operations Control Centre in Emden Germany and facilitate advisory services for project developer in Taiwan jointly.

By joining forces TOWSC and OutSmart are enablers for project developers to cover the operations phase with minimum Levelised Cost Of Energy in their tender bid for new concessions in the Taiwanese market.

“We believe that our lessons learnt in the European offshore market will be most valuable within an upcoming offshore wind market like Taiwan. By combining our technical, financial, and commercial experience together with the expertise and local content of TOWSC, our cooperation provides a suitable power plant management solution for project developers, investors and other stakeholders” said Mr. Schiricke, CEO at OutSmart.

"OutSmart has an impressive breadth of experience in intelligent operation management for wind assets. By combining the expertise and experiences from both TOWSC and OutSmart, we will provide all aspects of wind power plant management in one efficient solution and truly give wind farm owners control of their own assets. It is a perfect example of international cooperation and a key milestone in achieving localization of O&M technologies and skills for Taiwan offshore wind” said Mr. Lin, CEO at TOWSC.

For further information, please contact:
Hsiang (David) Huang
Tel: +886 2 2705 2555

Guido van den Belt
OutSmart Deutschland GmbH
Tel: +31 88 845 0000
TOWSC, established in 2014, is the pioneer in the Taiwan offshore wind O&M industry. The company is the subsidiary of Taiwan Generations Corp. (TGC), a leading project developer in Taiwan offshore wind, including a joint development with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) for 1.5GW project pipelines. TOWSC looks at the future demand and requirements for independent O&M and power asset management technologies and skillsets, and has actively commenced building local O&M capacity at early stages of the Taiwan offshore wind industry. TOWSC is building a localized and integrated O&M team through key skill transfer projects (including government funded programs), strategically secured agreements for O&M services provision, comprehensive and continual recruitment process, and established local networks.
About OutSmart
OutSmart, since 2008 active in the renewable energy sector, acts as frontrunner in the energy transition. The company is known and being asked for its “Power of Predictability”, meaning the ability to predict accurately in a pro-active and transparent way of collaboration and innovative solutions. OutSmart works for investors, owners, fund managers of renewable production assets (like wind- and solar parks and biomass power plants) and for industrial off-takers of energy. The company has a lean and mean organization with 45 employees, who are each specialist in their professional discipline. It operates from three countries: The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. As a member of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group, they work close together on technical solutions for wind turbines.







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